It is no secret. More women graduate from college than men. The failures of male students may stem from our American culture and early childhood learning experiences. So says Ali Carr-Chellman.

If you watched the video you know that games, educational learning games, may hold the key to helping college students learn.

Learning How to Learn is Not an Easy Game

First of all, there are no absolutes. Ali Carr-Chellman’s message applies to many male students, but it may also apply women.

If you watched the video you also know that her message targeted teachers. So what are students to do?

Getting to know oneself as a learner is the first step in becoming a good learner. This is the first step in learning how to learn. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for students whose negative attitudes toward learning were formed in their childhood. However, there are things these students can do to optimize their learning experiences. Here are a few things students can do if they feel this video applies to them:

  • Students can seek out a mentor.  Male students may relate better to a man and female students to a woman. This could be a counselor, an instructor, or anyone who knows what it takes to  be successful in college and who is empathic to the needs of students.
  • Students can ask their fellow students for advice concerning instructors.  They should try to find out which instructors fit best with their personalities and learning styles.
  • Students should take advantage of the learning aides that come with many textbooks.  There are often CD’s or user access codes for online resources.  Often these are interactive and very engaging.  They are more similar to games than a boring lecturer and more fun too.
  • Students who like games should seek out their own learning games.  With a high speed Internet connection and a little web surfing acumen, students may find a learning game that helps.  For example Stetson University has a free Chemistry Learning Game called Mahjong Chem

© 2011 Paul A. Hummel, Ed.D.

June 11, 2011

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